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Do you feel something is off, even though everything looks alright?

Balance that inner energy with the help of chakra essential oils and unlock your spiritual growth! Chakra essential oils are a powerful tool for restoring harmony in our bodies and aligning our mindsets.

Imagine having perfect alignment between mind, body, and spirit - feeling energized by living with purpose every day, free from negative influences, and within an atmosphere of total relaxation.

Start recharging yourself today by exploring our list of the best seven chakra essential oils!

How We Choose the Best Chakra Essential Oils

You've probably heard about the benefits of chakra essential oils, but you're not sure how to get started.

It can be tough to know where to start with something as complex as chakra essential oils. There are so many different blends and products on the market, it's hard to know which one is right for you.

We've done the hard work for you and found the best chakra essential oils on Amazon. Our list of best chakra essential oil is the perfect way to get started.

Each of our seven blends has been designed to open up and align your main chakras, allowing you to achieve maximum spiritual vitality!

Best 7 Chakra Essential Oil Blend for Diffuser

Gift Set by Aromafume 1 x Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhisthana, Muladhara

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Why We Like It

Aromafume's 7 Chakra Essential Oil Diffuser Blend is a harmoniously blended essential oil formula infused with the essential oils for chakras each of the seven chakras and will help to balance and open your chakras.

The benefits of diffusing Chakra essential oils have long been recorded - they reduce stress and anxiety while calming your mind and body and improve air quality by eliminating allergens and reducing toxins.

What You Should Know

The 7 Chakra Essential Oil Blend is the ideal companion for relaxation and healing.

Each 10ml or 0.33 fl oz bottle of this special blend is handcrafted with fresh ingredients, such as Rose, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Jasmine.

Perfect for chakra alignment, yoga, crystal healing, meditation, reading, or sound therapy sessions.

Simply add 8-10 drops of the oil to the water before diffusing with a candle-based or electronic diffuser. Enjoying this 7 Chakra Essential Oil Blend is a great way to sit back, relax and let your troubles melt away!

Best Grounding Root Chakra Roll-On

Organic Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Roll-On

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Why We Like It

Aura Cacia's grounding root Chakra Roll blend is the perfect way to make chakra aromatherapy part of your lifestyle.

Embrace the energy of this unique combination of organic essential oils, carefully crafted to spiritually ground and protect you in your journey - giving you the confidence that life is yours to control.

With its rich fragrance of earthy wood and vetiver, this oil blend helps to balance the root chakra while nurturing a sense of security.

What You Should Know

Aura Cacia’s Grounding Root Chakra Roll-On is the perfect balance of historic Vedic tradition and modern life.

This essential oil blend combines the earthly tones of vetiver and nutmeg, allowing you to easily bring grounding energy with you throughout your day.

Not only does this roll-on have a citrusy, spicy aroma perfect for use as a perfume but it is also ethically made.

Aura Cacia Essential Oils and roll-ons are not tested on animals, contain no synthetic colors or fragrances, and are completely paraben and petroleum-free.

To ensure Aura Caccia Roll-On’s exceptional purity and authenticity, each oil used in their blends undergoes Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) testing.

Best Chakra Synergy Blends Complete Roll-On Set

100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade

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Why We Like It

Ready to turn up the energy in your life? Plant Therapy's Chakra essential oil Synergy Blends are here to help you do just that!

The blends of chakra scents use only natural ingredients so that you can trust your aromatherapy experience is coming from a quality product.

This special set contains all seven chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus chakra, heart, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown.

Each comes with a beautiful scent that produces a spiritual experience inside your home or workspace.

Whether you’re trying to stimulate creativity at work or create a calming atmosphere just before bedtime - Plant Therapy’s Chakra Synergy Blend is perfect for any spiritual setting.

What You Should Know

Plant Therapy's Chakra Synergy Blends are specially formulated by expert Aromatherapists and made with 100% pure essential oils pre-diluted in fractionated coconut oil.

This creates a balance of therapeutic aromas designed to bring out the best of each synergy, ensuring an inviting presence.

The Premium Chakra Set comes with a 10mL roll-on bottle for each synergy in order, from the Root to the Crown Chakra, accompanied by a booklet on how to use them for optimal energy flow along your mind, body, and spirit, creating harmony within leading to a feeling of general wellbeing.

Plant Therapy invites you to bring balance back into your life and explore these synergies!

Best 1st Chakra Root Grounded Pure Essential Oil Blend

Fabulous Frannie 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend 10 ml

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Why We Like It

If you're feeling a bit out of balance, or just need to relax, this blend of Angelica Root, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Patchouli & Vetiver essential oils has got you covered!

Perfectly blended to support grounding and calming energy while giving a boost to positive moods, this oil is sure to be part of your daily wellness routine.

Perfectly blended to support grounding and calming energy while giving a boost to positive moods, this oil is sure to be part of your daily wellness routine.

What You Should Know

Fabulous Frannie's 1st Chakra Root Grounded Pure Essential Oils are completely pure and 100% undiluted - keeping the natural properties intact for maximum benefit.

Plus bottles are stored in an amber glass bottle with a euro cap for safe storage, meaning that even after opening it won't lose their potency like lower-quality oils.

At Fabulous Frannie know how important it is to find the perfect blend for both physical and mental well-being.

Whether you're trying to get organized in the morning or just want to spend some time relaxing before bedtime, the 1st Chakra Root Grounded Pure Essential Oil Blend will be a great addition to helping you achieve balance and harmony!

Best 2nd Chakra Sacral Passion Pure Essential Oil Blend

Fabulous Frannie 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend 10 ml

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Why We Like It

With only the finest, all-natural ingredients in every bottle, this oil blends a careful combination of light and tangy citrus with sweet, woodsy notes for an unforgettable aroma.

Uplifting yet soothing, this signature scent is perfect for unleashing creativity and inspiring inner fire.

The calm burn of passion also amplifies a sense of balance and strength – perfect for relieving worries and tensions that can come up during difficult times.

Perfect for massaging away stress after long workdays or swirling into an aromatherapy diffuser right before bedtime, this mysterious elixir has divine powers like no other.

Use Fabulous Frannie's 2nd Chakra Sacral Passion Pure Essential Oil to unlock hidden potentials within you!

What You Should Know

Fabulous Frannie 2nd Chakra Sacral Passion Pure Essential Oil is the perfect blend of fragrance and healing.

Patchouli, Sweet Orange & Ylang Ylang essential oils are carefully combined to create a powerful oil known to promote personal pleasure, creative flow, and overall well-being.

All Fabulous Frannie products are 100% pure and undiluted, allowing for the full benefit of each essential oil in the blend.

Packaged in an amber glass bottle with a euro cap, Fabulous Frannie 2nd Chakra Sacral Passion Pure Essential Oil offers a delightful aroma that's also surprisingly soothing and comforting.

Best Chakra 4 Loving Compassion - Heart Chakra Essential Oil Blend

100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade

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Why We Like It

This organic oil is formulated to open up and align the Anahata, or heart chakra. Let yourself drift into a love-filled state of serenity as the natural scent of Heart essential oil works its magic.

With just 10 milliliters, you get all that calming aromatherapy has to offer in one convenient bottle.

Experience a sense of peace and let the energy flow throughout your entire being.

What You Should Know

Plant Therapy's Chakra 4 Loving Compassion blend is an ideal choice for nourishing the spirit and healing wounds of the heart.

Combining the 100% pure, undiluted essential oils of Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot, Rhododendron, and Rose Otto.

This blend has a soothing, soft, rosy, and green aroma that helps to clear and cleanse deep emotional wounds while promoting positive energy and encouraging a joyful outlook.

Best 7th Crown Chakra - Sahaswara 

Natural Oils for Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflection, Meditation

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Why We Like It

Enjoy the powerful and aromatic scent of Chakras Essential Oils. This special blend of Sahasrara oil contains 15 milliliters of pure, natural oil inside its beautiful purple bottle.

The intense aroma will deeply penetrate the air around you to create an atmosphere that opens your heart & relieves stress. With just a few drops from this bottle, you can transport yourself to another world!

Explore the most heavenly scent of cleansing and healing energy you can use every day for wellness rituals, prayer ceremonies, meditation practices or simply creating a tranquil atmosphere at home or work.

What You Should Know

Chakras Essential Oils are a remarkable combination of traditional Ayurvedic medicine and modern aromatherapy.

Formulated by a doctor from the ancient science of Ayurveda and designed to heighten your spiritual calm, Chakras Essential Oils provide an atmosphere of compassion and inner peace.

Each bottle comes with 15mL/0.53 oz - 50% more than other oils on Amazon - so you can use this outstanding product to relax and prosper without having to worry about reordering all the time.

Chakras Essential Oils serve many purposes: they help to balance the chakras, provide unique aromas, and promote superior consciousness beyond mere physical or material concerns.

Chakras Essential Oils have something special for everyone!

Chakra Essential Oils FAQs

People are curious about the benefits of chakra essential oils, but they don't know where to start.

There's a lot of confusion around chakra essential oils. Do they work? How do you use them? What are the benefits?

We're here to help! On this FAQs page, we answer all of your questions about chakra essential oils.

Is there a particular order in which I should use essential oils for chakras?

No, there is no particular order. You can use essential oils for chakras on their own. If you would like to start with a certain chakra, go ahead and pick one of the seven chakras to focus on first.

Do essential oils for chakras work?

Yes! Essential oils for chakras can be a great way to balance and heal the seven major body's energy centers in your body. The combination of aromatherapy, sound healing, and visualization can help to create an atmosphere that promotes physical and emotional well-being. Just remember to take your time, be patient with the process, and enjoy the journey.

What are some of the benefits of essential oils for chakras?

Chakra essential oils can help to balance your chakras, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your physical health, and promote spiritual growth. They are a safe, natural way to bring harmony to both body and mind. In addition, they can help you to develop a greater connection with yourself and the world around you.

Does the scent of essential oils for chakras make a difference?

Absolutely! Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to promote mental, physical, and emotional healing. The aroma of chosen essential oil can help to create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation, meditation, and spiritual growth.

Can I use essential oils for chakras topically?

Yes, you can apply oils directly to your skin. Just be sure to dilute them with a carrier oil before applying. Also, remember that some essential oils may cause irritation or sensitivity, so always test a small area of your skin first before applying.

What is the seventh chakra and what are its benefits?

The seventh chakra, or Sahasrara Chakra, is located at the crown of the head. It symbolizes our connection to higher consciousness and allows us to access divine wisdom. When it is balanced, we experience feelings of peace, joy, and connection to the divine. Additionally, the benefits of a balanced Sahasrara chakra include improved focus, creativity, inner peace, and clarity.

Which chosen essential oil help to balance my root chakra?

Certain essential oils can be used to help balance the root chakra, including sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, clove, ginger, and myrrh. Each of these oils has distinct healing properties that balanced root chakra.

How can I use essential oils to balance my Solar Plexus Chakra?

Balanced solar plexus chakra by creating an atmosphere of empowerment and confidence. Citrus, mint, ginger, and cypress are all great essential oils that you can use for this purpose.

How can I tell if my solar plexus chakra is imbalanced?

Imbalanced solar plexus chakra may manifest as physical symptoms such as digestive issues, fatigue, or headaches. It may also cause emotional distress and difficulty with decision-making processes.

What are the benefits of using sacral chakra essential oils?

Sacral chakra essential oils can help to promote chakras balanced emotional and physical health. They can also be used to increase self-confidence and clear away negative energy that can block our growth. Additionally, they can support healthy relationships, increased sensuality, and overall mental clarity.

Crown chakra energy

Best Chakra Essential Oils For You

In conclusion, unlocking your spiritual energies with Chakra essential oils is a time-honored practice in that many have achieved success.

The seven unique tiers of energy that are accessible through chakra essential oils offer numerous pathways for personal growth and self-development.

Each tier ensures an individual's connection between mental and physical realms, spiritual guidance, and overall alignment.

Try out this ancient practice today and see the powerful results for yourself!

We hope that our guide will benefit you in finding the ideal product to suit your wants!

When you're ready to purchase, simply click the button beneath each item's description for direct access to Amazon's offerings!

We might get a small commission when you purchase through an affiliate link on this site at no additional cost to you.

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